Specialty Green Coffee Producers, Importers and Direct Traders

Specialty Green Coffee Producers and Traders - Coffee from El Salvador


SANTA CRISTINA GmbH is a family-owned business established in Austria in 2014, to directly import and supply our specialty coffees from El Salvador. We are dedicated to making a positive social and environmental impact at coffee origins through the establishment of direct trade relationships in Europe.

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Long tradition in coffee production in El Salvador


From planting and growing, through hand-picking, processing, drying, to finally being packed and transported to Europe for trade, our single-origin coffees are handled with great care and experience, keeping a long tradition in coffee farming and processing for more than four generations of Hernandez and Gonzalez families.

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Specialty Green Coffee Producers and Traders - Coffee from El Salvador


Our coffees come from artisan practices in our own farms as well as other qualified farms across El Salvador. We import pre-ordered coffees (forward) and keep a relevant stock throughout the year (spot) for new buyers. If you would like to order SANTA CRISTINA specialty green coffees, please follow this procedure.

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Watch our 2020 promo video

Our newest promo video features a short interview with our main producers as well as farm managers, shot at the Santa Cristina, San Francisco and San Lucas farms.


View the complete list of coffees, including our current stock available for sampling and purchase.

During the transport, our coffee is strictly monitored for proper handling and storage, making sure that the natural quality and development of the beans are maintained.


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