The Process


Our family- owned single origin coffees come from El Salvador, with unique microclimates and high-altitude volcanic soils in farms in the Santa Ana (Apaneca / Ilamatepeq) and San Salvador (El Balsamo / Quezaltepeq) Mountain Ranges, where we have been prioritizing social well-being, sustainability and high ethical standards.

Our family coffees are shade grown and hand-picked in five farms, three of which have the capability for wet milling and raised bed drying, keeping absolute control of the production stages in the supply chain. This artisan agricultural practice has been passed through more than four generations of Hernandez and Gonzalez families with pride and passion for coffee cultivation and processing, enabling our strict management of the coffee crop and assuring that only the highest quality of Salvadoran coffees are imported in Europe.


We make Origin trips 2-3 times a year to stay in touch with the coffee community, participate and work at our own farms, and to cup, evaluate and pre-select the new coffees for the next import to Europe.

We are continuously preparing and strengthening our cupping (and now roasting!) skills in order to provide a steady supply of the highest quality specialty green coffees possible. We also remain in touch with the needs of the local economy at Origin, learning about the needs of our coffee communities and coffee partners.


During its transport, our coffee is strictly monitored for proper handling and storage, so that the natural development of the bean is kept until it’s roasted. Our Managing Director directly and closely collaborates with the exporters, millers, logistics company, warehousing and customs brokers to assure the quality of the beans is maintained during their handling. All our coffees are shipped and stored in inner plastic grain bags and outer yute bags.